Gold Coast Health Plan | Annual Report 2018

Quality services Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) successfully passed the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s (NCQA) Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) Compliance Audit for the sixth consecutive year. Part of that success included giving incentives to members who completed postpartum and well-child exams. In 2018, GCHP gave 1,283 incentives to members. Membership by age Grand total 194,692 0–5 6–17 18–35 36–64 65+ 26,525 58,799 46,656 46,520 16,192 Provider network 403 Primary Care Providers 24 Hospitals 4,956 Specialists ( AcuteCareHospitals 5 Tertiary Hospitals 382 Behavioral Health Providers 390 Other Service Providers 617 Pharmacy Providers in Ventura and Neighboring Counties COMPASSIONATE CARE, ACCESSIBLE TO ALL, FOR A HEALTHY COMMUNITY Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP) is working to reduce the barriers that members may experience while accessing care after delivering a baby. Since October, GCHP’s health navigators have conducted 108 postpartum visits at Ventura County Medical Center. Members, upon their discharge from the hospital, receive information on how to enroll the baby in Medi-Cal, nutrition education programs for both the mom and the baby, immunization schedules, and community resources. The health navigators also help moms schedule their postpartum appointments, follow up with them to remind them about their appointments and arrange transportation for them if they need it. Those who go to their appointments and meet certain criteria receive a large pack of diapers. Working to improve postpartum care 2018 Annual Report | 3 94 ¢ 12.5% OF ALL SENIORS 50% OF ALL CHILDREN 0–5 ARE SERVED BY GOLD COAST HEALTH PLAN 20% OF ALL RESIDENTS IN VENTURA COUNTY OF EVERY DOLLAR SPENT BY GOLD COAST HEALTH PLAN GOES TO HEALTH CARE COSTS.