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Sugar: 3 ways to beat the sweet
Sugar piles on calories. But it only has a few nutrients.
So it doesn’t give you much in return. That’s why it’s
best to limit sugar. Here’s how:
Sip smart.
Cut back on sugary sodas. Try water, fat-
free milk or sugar-free drinks instead.
Cut back when baking.
Reduce the sugar in cakes and
other sweets by one-fourth to one-third.
Try fruit for dessert.
Enjoy a baked apple or a fruit salad.
Save cake, cookies and candy for special occasions.
Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
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re you carrying extra
pounds around your waist?
A large waist is one way to
wind up with metabolic syndrome.
at’s a set of health problems
that puts you at high risk of heart
trouble, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
High blood sugar.
High triglyceride levels.
Low HDL cholesterol (the
good kind).
You are also more likely to get
the syndrome if you don’t exercise
much or your body has trouble using
the hormone insulin. (Note: Getting
active helps you better use insulin.)
A few good habits can help.
You can help prevent or manage
the syndrome and lower your heart
and stroke risks. It starts with
healthy changes like these:
Manage weight.
Ask your
Provider about your body mass
index (BMI). at’s a measure of
body fat based on your height and
weight. Together you can make a
plan to achieve your healthy goal
Get active.
Try to get at least
150 minutes of exercise each week.
Eat right.
Eat lots of heart-
healthy foods. ese include fruits,
vegetables and whole grains. Cut
back on saturated fat.
Breathe free.
If you smoke, quit.
It’s one of the best things you can
do for your health.
Source: American Heart Association
Win the
Do you have three or more?
Having three or more of these
health problems may mean you
have metabolic syndrome:
A large waist (more than 40 inches
for men or 35 inches for women).
High blood pressure.
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