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Starting Oct. 1, 2012, the
Community-Based Adult
Services (CBAS) benefit will
be administered by Gold Coast
Health Plan instead of the state
Medi-Cal program.
To learn more about the CBAS
benefit, visit us on the web at
contact us at
Call the California Smokers’
Helpline at
Even when your child only has
baby teeth, regular dental visits are
The dentist can show you how to
clean your child’s teeth. He or she
can also check for problems.
If there are problems, it’s
better to find them early.
Beginning with the
first tooth, take your child
to see the dentist twice a year.
Some children may need to go more
often. Ask the dentist what is best
for your child.
Need help getting dental
For more information about
the California Medi-Cal Denti-Cal
Program, call Denti-Cal toll-free at
Source: American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Why kids need to see the dentist
Member Services
Andre Galvan
Health Education Lupe Gonzalez, PhD, MPH
Steven Lalich
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hen you or your child
needs medical care,
where do you turn?
You want someone you can
trust. You want someone who
knows about your health or your
child’s health. You want someone
you are comfortable talking to.
For most people, that person
is a Primary Care Provider (PCP).
Dr. Nancy Whar eld, Associate
Medical Director of Gold Coast
Health Plan, says: “ ink of a PCP
as the head of your health team. He
or she takes care of most of your
health problems. And your PCP
can send you or your child to a
Your first stop for health care
WINNING HEALTH is published as a community service for the
friends and patrons of GOLD COAST HEALTH PLAN, 2220 E.
Gonzales Road, Oxnard, CA 93036, telephone 888-301-1228.
Information in WINNING HEALTH comes from a wide range of
medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about
specific content that may affect your health, please contact your
health care Provider.
Models may be used in photos and illustrations.
specialist if needed.”
In the Gold Coast Health Plan
PCP network, there are:
Family doctors, who care for
people of all ages. ey focus on
helping you stay well.
Pediatricians, who treat children
and young adults.
OB-GYNs, who take care of
Internists, who treat adults.
Nurse practitioners, who help you
stay well and teach you how to take
care of yourself. ey focus on many
areas of medicine, such as taking
care of families or women. And they
treat many health problems.
Remember, your PCP is the rst
stop for health care when you or a
family member is sick.
To nd a PCP, call Member
Services at