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weight management
ne by one, the pounds are
coming o . You’re losing
weight and feeling great.
en, out of the blue, you hit a
speed bump. e scale seems stuck.
For days, weeks or even months
your weight doesn’t seem to budge.
What gives?
You may have
reached what’s called a weight-loss
plateau. It’s a stall of sorts that can
be caused by many things. Among
Your body may have gotten
used to less food. In turn, it may
be storing fat and burning energy
more slowly.
Your eating patterns may have
changed. For example, you may be
eating more than you realize. at
can happen bit by bit. You may not
have even noticed it.
Back on track.
ere’s good
news: You don’t have to stay
stuck in a weight-loss rut.
You can take steps to get back
on track and leave those pounds
in the dust. Try these tips:
Choose more and less.
for fruits and veggies more
often and fatty foods less often.
is type of trade can help trim
calories from your plate.
Make a list.
Keep track of
what, when and how much you
eat and drink.
Shake things up.
If you’re
lifting weights, add a few
pounds. If you’re walking, pick up
the pace. Or vary your routine
this way: Do ve or 10 minutes
of slow movement. en move
faster for a while. Switch back
and forth in one workout.
Boost your mood.
Talk with
people who support you. And try
to stay upbeat. inking on the
Trying to lose weight?
Think outside the plate.
After all, it’s not just food that counts. What you drink can
affect your waistline as well.
Sip by sip, the calories you get from your cup can really add
up. Sugary drinks can pack hundreds of empty calories.
So when you need to quench your thirst:
Think water. A wedge of lemon or lime can add flavor.
If you want a soda, choose a diet version.
At the coffee shop, order a small drink with skim milk.
And skip the sweet syrup.
Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
Weight loss: Watch what you drink
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