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forget to

renew your



f you are a Medi-Cal Member,

you will need to renew your

eligibility once a year. Also

called a redetermination, renewals

are done by the Ventura County

Human Services Agency (HSA), not

Gold Coast Health Plan (GCHP).

Medi-Cal stopped doing renewals

between January and May of 2014.

If your renewal month was during

that time, you should have gotten

a notice letting you know your new

renewal month.

How will I know when I need

to renew?

You will get a notice and

the renewal forms in the mail two

months before your renewal date.

If you have moved since you signed

up, call your local Medi-Cal o ce

with your new address.

How do I renew?

Your renewal

notice tells you what information

you need to provide. If you do not

renew before the due date, your

Medi-Cal bene ts will be suspended.

You can renew by mail, by phone,

in person or online. If you are

missing information, call, send or

bring in what you have. Call the

number on the form if you have

questions or call






If you don’t complete your

renewal, your Medi-Cal bene ts

will be suspended. You will have

90 days to complete the renewal to

reopen your Medi-Cal. If you reopen

between 60 and 90 days after your


For help renewing your Medi-Cal,

call Ventura County Human

Services Agency at





Medi-Cal ended, you will have State

Medi-Cal for a month or two before

becoming a GCHP Member again.

After 90 days, your Medi-Cal bene ts

will end, and you will have to reapply.

What does it mean if I lose my


If you lose your Medi-Cal,

you will lose your health care coverage

and will no longer be a GCHP

Member. You can reapply, but you

may have a break in your coverage.

If you have Medi-Cal through

Social Security.

If you have

Medi-Cal because you are receiving

Supplemental Security Income

(SSI), the Social Security o ce will

let you know when you need to

renew your eligibility.


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