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10 important things

to remember


Your Member Handbook has

important information and explains

how to use your GCHP benefits.


Choose your doctor or clinic,

known as a Primary Care Provider

(PCP), from the Provider Directory

within the first 30 days of enrollment;

or change your PCP as often as every

30 days with an effective date of the first

day of the following month.


Make an appointment with

your PCP for your Initial Health

Assessment within the first 120 days

of becoming a GCHP Member.


Always keep and show your

GCHP ID card and plastic

Medi-Cal ID card when you go to the

doctor, hospital and pharmacy.


Call your PCP whenever you need

medical care 24 hours a day,

7 days a week. Only go to the emergency

room for true medical emergencies.


You must have a referral from

your PCP to see a specialist.

Your PCP will refer you to another

doctor if medically needed.


If you have Medicare, you can

see any doctor who accepts your

Medicare and GCHP.


You do not need a referral

for family planning, sensitive

services or pregnancy care. You can

see any doctor willing to accept GCHP.


Call the Human Services Agency

(HSA) if you have questions about

your Medi-Cal eligibility, you move or

your contact information changes.


If you have a problem

or complaint about your

medical care, talk to your doctor first.

If you can’t resolve it, call Member

Services at





member services:




member news


Visiting your PCP


hen you rst become

a GCHP Member, you

will choose a Primary

Care Provider (PCP) within the

rst month. If you don’t make that

choice, GCHP will choose one for


Your PCP is the doctor you will

see whenever you need medical care.

If you need specialty care or special

tests, your PCP will refer you to a

contracted facility.

Once you have a PCP, it is

important to make an appointment

for a new patient exam. Even if you

are feeling well, call right away.

At the exam, your PCP will ask

about your medical history and

current health conditions. Your PCP

will also ask what medications you

are taking, so bring a list of your

medications or all of the bottles.

If you get sick before your new

patient exam, call your PCP’s o ce.

Let the sta know that you are new

but need to be seen right away.

Clearly explain what you need to be

seen for and your symptoms. Your

PCP’s o ce will make sure you get

the care you need.

Changing your PCP

As a Gold Coast Health Plan Member, you have the option to change Primary

Care Providers (PCPs) every 30 days.

You can make this change three ways:


Call Member Ser vices at





request the change.


Complete the “PCP Selection Form” found on our website, and mail, fax or

bring it to our office.


Request the change in person at our Camarillo office.

Requests received prior to the last business day of the month will take effect

the first day of the following month. You will receive a new ID card within 7 to

10 days of the request.