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Luis Aguilar

Health Education Lupe González, PhD, MPH


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WINNING HEALTH is published as a community service for the

friends and patrons of GOLD COAST HEALTH PLAN, 711 E.

Daily Drive, Suite #106, Camarillo, CA 93010-6082, telephone

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Information in WINNING HEALTH comes from a wide range of

medical experts. If you have any concerns or questions about

specific content that may affect your health, please contact your

health care Provider.

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things to know


Real risks–

now and later

Heavy drinking can harm

your health–right now and

down the road too.

Right now.


alcohol can cause harm

now, such as:

You are more likely to

make poor choices. You

might choose to drive

drunk, hurt yourself or

Man up!




to see your


someone else, or have sex

without a condom.

If you are pregnant, alcohol

can damage the baby’s brain.

Stop all drinking if you think

you might be pregnant.

You may drink to tr y

to cope with depression

or another mental health

problem. But you’ll need

real help–not alcohol–to get


Down the road.


heavy drinking also causes

harm. It can lead to liver

staying healthy

disease, brain damage and

heart trouble.

Cancer risk.

Alcohol use

raises the risk for cancers of

the mouth, throat, voice box

and esophagus. It also raises

the risk for breast cancer,

colorectal cancer and liver


Talk with your provider

about alcohol. He or she can

help you do what’s best for

your health and safety.

Sources: American Cancer Society; American Public Health

Association; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention;

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Guys can come up with a lot

of reasons not to go in for a

checkup: “I’m too busy” or

“I’ll do it next year.”

But checkups are too

important to skip. ey

are the best way to know if

you’re on the right health

track. Also, you may be due

for a test that could nd a

serious health problem.

Do these ve excuses

sound familiar? If so, be

sure to read the responses

that follow. You may decide

to make that long overdue



“I feel fine!”


common health problems

can sneak up with no warning,

such as:

High blood pressure.

High cholesterol.


Yet they can be managed

with your provider’s help.


“I don’t have a


Call Member

Services at Gold Coast Health

Plan and we can tell you

the name of your assigned

doctor or clinic. Our number






through Friday from 8 a.m.

to 5 p.m.

If you have other health

insurance or don’t have an

assigned doctor, we can

tell you that also. Member

Services can help you choose

a doctor in your area.


“I hate needles and

all those medical


A quick shot

or peek in your throat can

be uncomfortable for a

moment. But these steps

can help prevent a serious

illness. Or they may nd

one when it is easy to



“I’m too embarrassed.”

ere are few things

doctors haven’t heard

before. You can discuss

very personal matters,

such as sexual issues or



“I already know

what I need to do.”

With the right approach,

your doctor will become

a coach who helps you

improve your health and

life. Set goals together.

Embrace the challenge!

Source: American Heart Association